Saturday, September 14, 2019 7:30pm

Barrios Guitar Quartet (D)

Altes Hallenbad, Haagstraße 29
61169 Friedberg
Tel: 0 60 31 / 30 34
Tickets 18€

Fon: ++49 (0) 60 31 / 30 34




Fr Aug 30 2019
Paul O'Dette | 7:30pm

Sat Sep 14 2019
Barrios Guitar Quartet | 7:30pm

Sat Sep 21 2019
Sönke Meinen &
Jule Malischke
| 7:30pm

The BARRIOS GUITAR QUARTET is considered one of the outstanding ensembles of the new generation. With their sensitive, dynamic and precise playing and unadorned virtuosity, these musicians are setting new standards for their genre. In the past years the BGQ has become an extraordinary creative force, its musicality further adding to the many different facets of classical guitar playing.
The BGQ has claimed numerous international prizes, both as soloists and as an ensemble.

Refreshing Perfection

The possibilities of the guitar have hardly been exhausted. The BGQ exceeds with ease the boundaries of genre: Traditional meets Modern and is perfectly combined with the guitarists’ own arrangements. Concerts become exciting, musical firework displays: an entertaining, balanced synthesis – not only for connoisseurs.

Mediagenic concerts with great public appeal
Four master musicians with international experience and strong stage presence
Diversified program - from Baroque to Modern

Special guest Sascha Hladek.

"The BGQ is a first-rate ensemble filled with virtuosic players...This is music and music-making of infectious vitality...This beautifully recorded disc joins the ranks of my favourite quartet albums."
Al Kunze, Soundboard Magazine, USA

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